Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Friends who cook, Telephone Connections, Family History Connections, Online

I have had the recent pleasure of enjoying friends, who introduce me to culturally diverse foods. I learned how to fry yukon potatoes, into chips, in a double fry system. They came out beautiful and the kids said, "No more 5 Guys." Big win.

I added a voice to a tweet-friend, today. Its like taking a step, into deeper water, in a swimming pool.. with someone.. as voices bring about communication in more than 140 characters, at a time. ::waving:: Hi Wendy.

I have the pleasure of researching family history for extended relatives. Multiple marriages bring people into your life.. and when who they are, is special to you.. you add them.. and research them.. I added several links to trees, gedcoms, websites, and photos. Win.

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